Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poetry Prompt

In The Here, Philip Larkin attitude is shown by the different places he describes. the counrty life is peaceful. While the city life is crownded by people. The plcaes that Philip Larkin describes contribute to the overall meaning of the work.
Larkin starts off wit ha pastoral. The tone and mood for the country life is peaceful. But also sad " Too thin and thistled to be called meadows'' (line 3), that quote means; the grass is too think, sharp and dry to be called a meadow. also its lonely, "Workmen at dawn; swerving to solitude" (line 5), that quote means; Men in the country live sloitude lifes.
the city life is the opposite of country life. The imagery is different by the city life is crowd, busy by the people and meachines. The tone and mood for the city is busy and content. By " Push hrough plate- glass swing doors to their desires-cheap suits" (line 14-15), that quotes means; People are busy and content jsut to find items on sale.
Larkin describes a image for the country and city life. the city is busy and crowded and content and the counrty is peaceful, but also has loneliness. These contribute to the overall meaning of the work; The two places will always have different tone and moods toward each other.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Metamorphosis prompt

In The Metamorphosis, Frank Kafka idea for a change is shown by the metamorphoses of Gregor and Grete Samsa. Gregor's change is from man to bug. Grete's change is from child to adult. These changes contribute to the overall meaning of the work; when a person changes it will cause someone else to change as well.
Gregor's change isn't just him turning into a bug. One of the major changes Gregor had was turning into his father. Gregor was the source for the income of the family, but when Gregor turn into a bug he couldn't work anymore just like his father. Also when Gregor turn into a bug his family really didn't care, they only care about how will the family get money.
Grete's change was more dynamic than Gregors. Grete turn into adult and was more responsible. By Grete took care of Gregor when he turn into a bug and their mother. Grete became like Gregor, by she became the source of the income for the family. But when Grete was doing her job Gregor became last on her list to do.
Both Gregor and Grete took metamorphoses. Gregor's metamorphoses were more settle then Gretes. By Gregor just into a bug and became like his father. Grete turn into adult. The meaning of the work is; when a person changes it will cause someone else to change as well.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Metamorphosis-Ch 3 questions

5. Why does Gregor feel depression at his family's reaction to him?
Gregor feels depress because family is believes that he is just a bug and not their son or brother. Also they are forgetting about me now.

8. How does Gregor's family get over losing Gregor so quickly?
Gregor’s family gets over Gregor so quickly because they really don’t think that Gregor is really the bug in his room. So his death is not that important to his family.

10. Why did Grete call Gregor a monster?
Because Grete doesn't think anymore that Gregor could be a bug. Also she can’t handle taking care of it anymore.

12. Why does Gregor stop eating?
Gregor stop eating because he was depress that his family is forgetting about him.

15. If Gregor is a bug, why do his feelings tend to be more humane than when he was a human?
Gregor still has human feelings because he was human once and he doesn’t know how to express his feelings in a bug way.

16. Why does the family abandon Gregor?
The family abandons Gregor because he is just a bug and no one likes a bug as a family member. Also that they don’t want to put up with taking care of a bug.

17. Why does Gregor still have love and affection for his family even after they start to forget about him?
Gregor still has love and affection for his family because they still his family. Also they somewhat cared when he turn into a bug. By Grete feed him and clean his clean room. Also the mother wanted to go to him so she could help him.

20. Why does Grete NOW choose to get a job? Both her parents are getting them so what is the point?
Grete started to work because she thought when she got a job her parents would notice that she is adult now. The point is so they can pay off the father’s debt.

21. Is there significance why the Maid finds Gregor dead and not one of his family members? After Gregor turns into a bug, he mentions that his family sometimes goes on walks together.
Yes, because the family forgets about Gregor and when the maid finds him dead. The family finally remembers about Gregor in his human form and his bug form.

23. Why did Kafka make Gregor die?
Kafka made Gregor die because Kafka felt like his family was forgetting about him and it made he think if he is family forgotten about him, would he just die or would he moved on with his life.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Why Doesn't The Future Need Us"

Joy’s thesis is how technology could take over the world . Joy is pointing out how the technology of robots is growing. This growth of technology for robots could be a danger to society . By if the world is ran by robots then the human race will have some problems. These machines could the things that we humans do but better, also they could make decisions for themselves and for us. Then we would’t know the outcome of their decisions.

Humans can avoid becoming obsolete and unnecessary, by humans controlling the technology. Also controlling personal things like their cars and computers they can be controlled by their owners. But for bigger machines they would need to by monitored by more then one human.

The institutions are contributing t this problem. By machines are becoming more intelligent, and with the growth of technology humans will become less of a need. Humans will less needed because the machines will not need to be monitored. The institutions, inevitably thinks and feels that it is unnecessary to monitor the machines. This will be a result of the world will be overtaken by machines.

Huxley would respond well to Joy’s article. By how Huxley satirizes the technology in Brave New World. Huxley use foreshadow in the book to show us that it could happen to us, if we get to caught up with technology. Then humans would’t need t contact each other to survive. Huxley and Joy is saying that humans are letting technology grow with intelligent while humans are nothing to stop it or slow down the growth of technology.

Joy employs that technology will overtake the world by stating some points about how technology will rule the world. One point is how humans use technology for basic things like for transportation, Communion. Also how a computer can give any answer to any question you can think of.

I think Joy is a fear monger, because Joy does not want the growth of technology to take over the world in the future. Joy tries to show everyone the problem with the technology by using imagery.The imagery that Joy is using is about, and the bombing on page 3 of the article and how the world will like at the end by being ruled by technology. Joy used imagery the point across the bored about the growth of technology.

Joy thesis on how technology will overtake the world connects to Brave New World. By how the technology controls the society in Brave New World. That in the future of are society technology will control too.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Writing Prompt 2 9/19

In George Orwell's book 1984 it shows that the government has control over society. The governmnet is power hungry and always want more power. Once the government has the power, it is used against the society. But their is always sombody who wants to free himself out of the control of government power.

Winston is a middle calss citixen in 1984. He works for the government, by helping in the newspaper. Which gains power over the soceity. When Winston walk one night form work, he decide that he was gonig to buy a dairy which is illegal. Right after bought the book, he was moere care less of what he was doing, by has affair with an young woman, buys random stuff that seems pretty to him. Then he joins the brotherhood to help free himself from the power of the power of the government.

George Orwell uses Winston struggle to free himself from the power to enhance the book. By how Orwell explains the struggles. One struggle that Winston had was the affair with Julia. Winston knew they could or will be caught. Winston had to get over his fear of being caught to spend time with Julia. So Winston came up with to meet in a house were the low class lives, so they would be caught.

Another struggle that Orwells uses is when Winston joins the brotherhood. This was the biggest struggle. that Winston had to get over. By Winston knew that he was going to get caught sooner or later. Right after he joins he is caught by the police and was taken to the ministry of love. That is when he knew is struggle was over.

George Orwell had more then those two struggles to enchance the book. But those two were signitic ones of the book. Winston had the struggle of getting free of power govenment, but at the end of book he was happy.