Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poetry Prompt

In The Here, Philip Larkin attitude is shown by the different places he describes. the counrty life is peaceful. While the city life is crownded by people. The plcaes that Philip Larkin describes contribute to the overall meaning of the work.
Larkin starts off wit ha pastoral. The tone and mood for the country life is peaceful. But also sad " Too thin and thistled to be called meadows'' (line 3), that quote means; the grass is too think, sharp and dry to be called a meadow. also its lonely, "Workmen at dawn; swerving to solitude" (line 5), that quote means; Men in the country live sloitude lifes.
the city life is the opposite of country life. The imagery is different by the city life is crowd, busy by the people and meachines. The tone and mood for the city is busy and content. By " Push hrough plate- glass swing doors to their desires-cheap suits" (line 14-15), that quotes means; People are busy and content jsut to find items on sale.
Larkin describes a image for the country and city life. the city is busy and crowded and content and the counrty is peaceful, but also has loneliness. These contribute to the overall meaning of the work; The two places will always have different tone and moods toward each other.


JacquiPApEnglish said...

I think i did well, but i need to explain more and be more clear.
i would giv myself a 3-4.

Charleen Stempek said...


Like I said about your last essay, you have a good backbone. I think that you need more literary devices to support your argument. I also think that you need to re-read you last paragraph becasue you start the essay on topic about the tone of the poem and then you switch to the overall meaning of the poem. I also noticed your spelling and grammer errors too that should be looked at again. overall it was decent. Id give it a 4 or 5.